2014 CTM Trustee Elections

CTM Trustee elections will be held on Dec 1, 2014 from 6-7pm prior to the monthly CTM meeting in the same day.  Elections will be held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) on the 2nd floor.  Current membership is required to vote, and memberships can be paid current on election day prior to voting.  There are five 3-year Trustee positions open for election for terms beginning in 2014.  There are five candidates vying for these positions.  Candidate bios are noted below.  Election results will be announced at the CTM meeting on Dec 1.

Clifton Town Meeting Trustee Candidates for 2014 Election

Nicholas Hollan
Community service has always been a priority for Nicholas Hollan. It was here in Clifton where Nicholas lived when he graduated from UC, volunteered with the American Red Cross following Hurricane Katrina and accepted a position as the Disaster Response Supervisor for our local Red Cross.

Nicholas is a graduate of the United Way’s Board Orientation & Leadership Development program and used that training to serve on the boards of United Cerebral Palsy, The Westwood Civic Association and Invest in Neighborhoods.

Nicholas was a candidate for Cincinnati City Council in 2009 and 2011 where he was endorsed by many organizations including the Cincinnati Enquirer and City Beat. In 2010 Nicholas was recognized in the annual “Best of” edition by City Beat as “The Best sign of intelligent life on the West Side”.

In 2010, Nicholas took out an SBA Loan and opened his own business in Roselawn. The Valley Dental Management Service employs 13 healthcare professionals and works closely with local Doctors and Surgeons to provide quality dental care to low income patients.

After the premature birth of his son in 2011, Nicholas chaired the Family Team committee for the March of Dimes in 2013 and 2014.  Nicholas, Meghan and Preston were delighted to have purchased the Charles B. Russell House in 2012 and look forward to calling the Gaslight home for many more years.

John Juech
John Juech is a Clifton resident and home owner, raising his family in the neighborhood, who hopes to live in Clifton and help the community prosper for many years to come. Professionally, John currently serves as Chief of Staff to the Vice Mayor of Cincinnati, David Mann, also a Clifton resident for many decades. John has extensive experience in local, national and international politics, from advising Members of Congress and large corporations to running campaigns – such as the David Mann for Council campaign – to helping to set up democratic elections for the UN in in 2005 in Liberia, West Africa after a protracted Civil War. He has worked for the United Nations, the US Congress (don’t hold that against him), and in the private and non-profit sectors as well. Immediately prior to his current job, John was Vice President at Garten Rothkopf, an international consulting advisory firm based in Washington DC for four years. Prior to that, he served as a senior legislative assistant to US Congressman Bill Delahunt, a senior member of the US House Foreign Affairs Committee. He holds a masters in International Relations from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

He will bring to Clifton Town Meeting a wealth of ideas married to practical experience with campaigns, public communication, fundraising, social media, and community development that can benefit the Clifton community. He also brings to CTM an understanding and relationships with key city of Cincinnati leaders at City Hall, in the City Administration, and throughout Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods from his work running the Vice Mayor’s office. Among his prior involvement with CTM and the Clifton Community is helping to organize the 2014 CTM golf outing, which raised a significant amount of money for the CCAC and working on a number of issues at City Hall of interest to CTM, such as the Woolper bike lane project, the Probasco Fountain, and the work on the future of Ludlow.

John has had the great privilege to travel to more than 60 countries and 46 US states. He lives on Belsaw Place with his wife Kate, a senior executive with the Clinton Foundation, and his daughter Josephine.  Their family is expanding in early 2015 and plan to put down roots in the neighborhood, raise their kids, and be there for years to come.

Rama Kasturi
Dear CTM Members,

My name is Rama Kasturi and I am seeking your support in my bid to serve as a Trustee of the Clifton Town Meeting. Many of you know me from walking in and around Clifton and Burnet Woods with my dogs for the last eighteen years, being a parent at Fairview-Clifton German Language School, or working at the University of Cincinnati.

My husband, Erik Nelson, and I have lived in Clifton with our twin children for the past 15 years when we moved from our condo on Jefferson Avenue just on the other side of Clifton! We love the historic gaslight district and its astounding diversity and neighborly atmosphere. The proximity to several beautiful urban parks, a charming movie theatre, ethnic restaurants, diverse  businesses, and a walkable grocery store all made Clifton the hands-down choice for my own home away from home.

A Biophysical Chemist by training, I have worked at P&G and at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, where I taught Medical Pharmacology until last August. I am currently retired from professional life and I am actively engaged in doing as much good as I can.

With this in mind, I have decided to follow through on my desire to give back in some way to the community that my family and I so enjoy by seeking election as a Trustee of CTM.

I am specifically interested in the following:

1. Helping make the Clifton Cooperative Market a reality-every neighborhood needs a grocery store! I am an advisor to the board of the Clifton Market and serve on the Capital Campaign Committee.

2. Helping to making our business district and neighborhood more “green”: I have already been designated “Recycler-In-Chief” for CliftonFest 2015 (!). I will work to ensure that our businesses  are greener and have volunteered to create community recycling opportunities at the Clifton Cooperative Market.

3. Ensure that the diversity of Clifton is showcased and celebrated: e.g., I would like to see flags on Ludlow representing the numerous countries whose citizens now call Clifton home! Where else in Cincinnati can you live and experience the diversity of Clifton?

If elected, I will do my best to do as much good as possible for Clifton over the next three years.

Shaun McCance
I moved to Clifton because I wanted to live in a friendly, walkable neighborhood with a vibrant business district. I continue to be impressed at how the people of Clifton come together to shape their neighborhood, and I’m proud to be able to play a small part in that.

I work as a programmer, technical writer, and community liaison for a major open source software company. I served two terms on the board of directors for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to open source and digital freedoms. I spend my days working with volunteer communities to foster open source, promote open data, and protect people’s freedoms and privacy online.

For the last year, I’ve been involved with Clifton Market, the community-owned effort to bring a grocery store back to our neighborhood. I serve as the treasurer and general records keeper, and I handle much of the technology and design work. It’s been a rewarding experience that has given me the opportunity to get to know a lot of my neighbors.

I’m a firm believer in the power of open communities. I’ve seen time and time again what people can accomplish when they’re informed and engaged. As a CTM trustee, I’d like to explore ways to continue to increase community engagement, encourage open discussion among neighbors, and better promote Clifton online.

Michael Moran
Michael Moran is a native Cincinnatian who lived in Western Hills, Mount Adams and Oakley before moving to Oxford Terrace in Clifton almost nine years ago. He studied finance and accounting at the University of Kentucky and works as a commercial real estate broker for CBRE. He’s married to Abby Moran, and they have two children, Will (8) and Maisie (6). Mike has served one term as a Trustee on Clifton Town Meeting and currently holds the Treasurer’s position. Mike also sits on the Board of Tender Mercies, Inc, an organization that provides permanent and supportive housing to the homeless and mentally ill. Mike loves living in Clifton is currently involved in rehabbing a new home in the area for his family.

Seeking Community Feedback on Ludlow 21 Report

Uptown Consortium, the Clifton Business & Professional Association, Clifton 20/20, and Clifton Town Meeting held a Community Form on October 16 evening to allow Kathleen Norris of Urban Fast Forward (UFF), present her year-long study of the Ludlow Avenue Business District.  Ludlow 21: Maintaining Business Vitality In A Changing Urban Environment brings UFF’s analysis, observations, and focus studies into a concise report.  The audience and Ms. Norris discussed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to our business district. To read or download Ludlow 21 please click Ludlow 21 report.

We are now seeking feedback from the community on this report as we continue to move forward with working out how to implement some of the recommendation.  Send your thoughts, comments, suggestions, meanderings, noodles, questions, etc. by email to CTM. Please put “Ludlow 21 Feedback” in your email subject line so that we can more easily process the email.

There will be more opportunities in the future for additional discussions in the community.

City Zoning Revision Process

The City of Cincinnati is in the process of revising the Land Development Code for the entire City. This process will allow for several rounds of public comment and revisions before completion. CTM’s Housing & Zoning Committee will be reviewing the changes and making comments. Please email Committee chair, Adam Hyland, if you would like to be part of the review process. (Hylandae@gmail.com)


Probasco Fountain Restoration and Relocation Begins

After many months of volunteers working to develop plans with the community and the City, the Probasco Fountain restoration and relocation project will begin. A tentative construction schedule has been developed by the City, and some details are below. All work is subject to weather delays and other unforeseen events. The start date is today. The project is expected to take about 14 weeks and be completed in mid November. We will provide further updates on the project status via email announcements and our Facebook page.

The new location will be approximately 7.5’ west and 3’ north of its current location. The fountain’s top level water feature will be restored and activated at this new location.

Date / Event
Aug 7 / Disconnect utilities
Aug 11-20 / Site preparations
Aug 20 / Remove fountain
Aug 20-Sep 5 / Water main construction
Sep 5-12 / Plumbing work
Sep 15-19 / Pour foundation
Sep 22-30 / Refurbished Fountain returns
Oct 1-31 / Electrical & stone/concrete work
Nov 1-11 /  Light fixtures & benches

Woolper Avenue Construction Begins

The City of Cincinnati sent a press release today with important details about the construction and refurbishment that will take place on Woolper Avenue. The work starts on May 27. All residents on Woolper were notified previously by mail, but this is such a big project you will likely want to read the attached press release.

Woolper Avenue Reconstruction Press Release

As we get new news on the project schedule, we will post it on our website and our FB page.

TriHealth Sponsors Website


Clifton Town Meeting is grateful that TriHealth has chosen to sponsor our website. Their contribution allowed us to do a significant upgrade on the website late last year that allows for many more features including easy updating, online membership processing, a calendar, and links to Facebook.

CTM Joins Facebook

Clifton Town Meeting has a launched a Facebook (FB) page in order to broaden our communication into the community.  We recognize that some in our community will use FB more than go to our website.   We intend to feed our FB page with some Events from our website.  We will also use FB to share other news.   Please check out our growing FB page and Like us!

CTM Trustee Elections

CTM Trustee elections will be held on Dec 2, 2013 from 6-7pm prior to the monthly CTM meeting in the same day.  Elections will be held at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) on the 2nd floor.  Current membership is required to vote, and memberships can be paid current on election day prior to voting.  There are four 3-year Trustee positions open for election for terms beginning in 2014.  There are five candidates vying for these positions.  Candidate bios are noted below.  This is the second time in contemporary history where the number of candidates is greater than the number of available open Trustee positions.  This happened during the 2012 elections also.  Election results will be announced at the CTM meeting on Dec 2.

Clifton Town Meeting Trustee Candidates for 2013 Election

Paul Buckley
Clifton is home. My wife, Peggy, was born at Good Sam and has had family and friends in the neighborhood for generations. We have many happy memories of buying groceries at Keller’s, spending an afternoon shopping on Ludlow, and catching a movie at the Esquire. We love the diversity of housing and people, and the wonderful community of culture, scholarship, and recreation, but we especially love the big old trees that have traditionally set the tone for this neighborhood. One of our biggest concerns is the loss of so many of those trees in recent years. This threatens to change the character of the area and diminish the quality of life for everyone. I hope that the Clifton Town Meeting can take the lead in helping to preserve them and encouraging our residents to replace them when they die.

Most of my professional career was in management. I held progressively responsible positions in public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. I know how to get things done by working with others. In 1998, I enrolled in a seminary and took up my current work as a writer in religious history and theology. I’ve had several books published and dozens of shorter articles. Periodically, I teach graduate-level courses. Over the years, I have served on a number of organizational boards – frequently involved in the finances of those organizations – and was very active with the local neighborhood association at my previous address.

My wife and I have volunteered our time to help with Clifton events – for example, working on maintaining neighborhood plantings, putting up holiday decorations on Ludlow, and helping out during Cliftonfest. We have attended nearly every CTM meeting since we moved to our current home.

I feel that I have skills and experience that would be of value to the Clifton Town Meeting and hope I will have the opportunity to contribute to its ongoing success.

Adam Hyland
“My institutional knowledge of Clifton would be a great asset to CTM. I am excited about the opportunity to serve our neighborhood in a leadership role. Clifton is a vibrant community because its residents are willing participants in defining how we want our neighborhood to unfold. We have a great legacy!”

Adam E. Hyland is the founder and principal of EccaNova, Digital Strategic Advertising. Adam lives on Loraine Ave with his wife Marta and is a fourth generation resident of Clifton. Adam’s great grandfather Edward William Soergel Sr. owned a watch repair shop on Ludlow. He was a respected local business owner who helped build the foundations for a successful Ludlow business district for generations to come. Adam’s grandparents Edward Jr. and Jean Soergel were influential in the fight to stop the widening of Clifton Ave in the 60’s and parents, Marilyn and Gerard, both served on CTM. Adam’s mother Marilyn Soergel Hyland was instrumental in keeping the Roanoke apartment building from becoming a Burger Chef and the Esquire from becoming a Wendy’s.

A graduate of University of Cincinnati with a degree in Urban Planning, Adam specializes in the areas of economic development, policy planning, environmental protection, urban design, international development and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He has also studied at the Universiteit Van Amsterdam School of Geography and at the Harvard Business School.

Adam has over twelve years of experience working on political campaigns in 20 different stats from Township Trustees to Presidential campaigns. Adam founded EccaNova in 2010 after a career in political field strategy, community organizing, and urban planning consulting. While utilizing the outreach tools of Fortune 100 corporations to mobilize communities, Adam pioneered new techniques of community mobilization and managed and oversaw research of online targeting for The Saint Consulting Group (TSCG). His years of experience managing field campaigns for political and corporate clients gave him the insight and tools to pull together networks of political and online media strategists when building EccaNova. EccaNova is now a pioneering company in the field of online community mobilization.

Additionally Adam serves on the Steering Committee of the Clifton Market Group, advisory boards of the Mt. Vernon Strategy Group and the Common Ground Group.

 Kevin Marsh
I ran for a CTM Trustee position last year because I wanted to help CTM find ways to communicate better with Clifton residents and to partner with other Clifton organizations such as CBPA and Clifton 20/20 in improving the neighborhood. In this past year as a Trustee, I have served on the Nominating, Membership/Communication, and Business District committees. My primary accomplishments on these committees have included: (1) proposing ideas for CTM to enhance membership value; (2) taking over responsibility for the membership roster updates; (3) improving the website so that we can start to share news with the neighborhood more easily; and (4) getting the Ludlow Avenue sidewalk repair schedule changed in time for Clifton Fest. I volunteer beyond my committee memberships to help implement events such as the Memorial Day Parade/BBQ and Clifton Fest. I have also spent time learning about CTM’s history and how we function currently.

My family and I have lived in Clifton for 8 years, and we love its charm and diversity. We also own a rental property also in Clifton. In 2012, we moved from our first home in Clifton on Gano Avenue to a new home on Rural Lane. We are invested in the long term success of all of Clifton – our parks, our walkable and diverse business district, and our strong sense of community.

When I am not working on things for Clifton, I am running the global supply chain operations for the 2nd largest printing ink company – Flint Group. I also spend some of my free time as the drummer in a jazz/blues band called Terreus.

If re-elected, I will continue working to enhance our neighborhood’s valuable Business District and continue to find ways of improving communications within our neighborhood. I will also spend time improving the transparency and effectiveness of CTM.

Ben Pantoja
I’m Ben Pantoja, the current President of Clifton Town Meeting.  I just finished my first 3-year term as a Trustee.  I need your vote to start another 3-year term so that I can continue presiding as CTM President next year.  I have lived in Clifton for 29 years, and have enjoyed contributing to this community by volunteering for CTM.

If re-elected, one of my goals as President next year is to guide CTM to dramatically our communications to Clifton residents.  In particular, we are poised to dramatically improve the CTM website to give residents timely information about upcoming events, public safety contact information/news, and how to get involved with the Community and the City.  I want CTM to continue to represent Clifton interests to the City of Cincinnati, as we did this year with the Probasco Fountain relocation project and when we voiced the concerns of Woolper residents when the Traffic Engineering Department was initially planning to widen their street and move utility poles into people’s front yards.  I also want CTM to continue the work we piloted this year working with several groups regarding how to enhance the Ludlow business district.  Finally, I hope CTM can find new ways to raise funds for our work.

I’ve worked as a Manufacturing Reliability Engineer for P&G for 28 years.  I have a wife (Chris), two sons (Spencer and Mackenzie), and two dogs (Oliver and Pearl).  I spend most of my free time with my family, but I’ve also written a psychology/personal growth blog since 2006, and I’ve been meditating regularly for more than 30 years.

Joyce Rich
Hello Clifton residents; my name is Joyce Rich and my one year term as a Trustee of Clifton Town Meeting is expiring in January. I hope to continue my current committee work but can’t do so without your vote. I sit on the committee for the restoration of our historic Probasco fountain. As deemed by the community, the objectives for the restoration are: maintain proximity to historic location, improve visibility to motorists and pedestrians, retain relationship to the street, improve accessibility, and render the fountain safe for residents. Aside from numerous group meetings and 3 community meetings, I have met City Council Members to encourage them to pass the budget for the restoration (passed) as well as visiting the city’s salvage yard for possible materials for the plaza. Adhering to the community’s objectives, the committee is working with the city to design a plaza that will surround and enhance the restored Probasco fountain

Since its inception, I have been one of two CTM Trustees that help comprise the Clifton Retail Working Group. This group with members from CBPA, Clifton 20/20, CTM and Uptown Consortium, is actively working with consultant Kathleen Norris of Urban Fast Forward to aid in the revitalization of the Ludlow Business District. Current projects include: improved way-finding parking signage, improving Clifton’s presence in social media, holiday window displays and to add vibrancy to the business district.

As a Trustee I represent Clifton at the Neighborhoods Of Uptown (NOU) meetings. NOU includes representatives from Corryville, University Heights, Fairview, Avondale, Mt. Auburn and Clifton. These communities come together to share ideas, accomplishments, and future objectives.

I negotiated with CCAC to secure the second floor gallery as the temporary meeting space while CRC undergoes renovation. The first meeting at CCAC was held on October 7, 2013.

In addition to working at CliftonFest, I recently became a CTM representative for Holidays on Ludlow.

My career life included social services and partnering with my husband, Jeff, an entrepreneur with Northwestern Mutual, DBA Rich & Company. We are delighted that our children, son Devon, son Morgan, his wife Mindi and our granddaughter Mae have made Clifton their home.

Upon retiring, I found an opportunity to give back to our community of 24 years through volunteering my time as a Clifton Town Meeting Trustee. My first year as a Trustee has been a rewarding and gratifying experience. With your vote, I can remain onboard.


Photo credit: Mykl Roventine used under the creative commons 3.0 license

Clifton Probasco Fountain Restoration

The Clifton Probasco Fountain Committee, after consultation with the Clifton community and due diligence, made a recommendation to CTM to move the fountain approximately 7.5 feet west and 2 feet north. CTM passed a resolution to accept the recommendation and sent a letter to the City of Cincinnati informing them of our support for the restoration and relocation of the fountain (Click here to see the letter).

Photo Credit: Greg Hume – Used under creative commons license 3.0