During CTM’s first Board meeting of the year on Jan 8, Trustees elected the following Officers for the 2018 term:

President – Christine Celsor
Vice President 1 – Pat Borders
Vice President 2 – Joyce Rich
Treasurer – Buddy Goose
Secretary – Kevin Marsh

** Vice President 1 & 2 designations are for order of succession only as per bylaws **

The Board then approved the following CTM Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee Chairpersons as well as Liaison to other organizations.

Committee Chairperson(s)
Beautification Adam Balz
Business District Joyce Rich & Gina Marsh
Clifton Chronicle Ashley Fritz
Website / Social Media Eric Urbas
Membership Kevin Marsh
Housing and Zoning Christine Celsor
Nominating Patrick Borders
Clifton Community LLC Christine Celsor & Buddy Goose
Transportation & Public Safety Mike Schur
Parks Rama Kasturi
Education Vince Metzger
Arts & Culture Sean Mullaney
Ad Hoc Committees
Fundraising Brad Hawse
By-Laws Malcolm Montgomery
Support the CCAC Malcolm Montgomery
Liaison Role Primary Backup
Uptown / NOU Joyce Rich Buddy Goose, Rama Kasturi
Invest In Neighborhoods Buddy Goose
TriHealth Brad Hawse Rama Kasturi
Clifton Community Fund Eric Urbas
CPBA Joyce Rich Gina Marsh, Peter Block
Clifton Market Rama Kasturi
UC Health Rama Kasturi
NSP Approval Committee Shaun McCance Buddy Goose / Joyce Rich.