CTM Renews Support for Bicycling Infrastructure Resolution

The following resolution was sent by email on January 20, 2016:

Mayor John Cranley, City Manager Harry Black, and members of Cincinnati City Council:

This month Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) passed a resolution regarding bicycling infrastructure in Cincinnati. This resolution is the same one we sent to you in August of 2014. Our community continues to desire more bicycling infrastructure, and we are amplifying their voices to you. We have seen improvements in 2014 and 2015 such as the installation of 3 Red Bike stations in our neighborhood, a climbing lane on Woolper Avenue, the installation of a portion of the Central Parkway protected bike lane, and the installation of a pilot thermal traffic sensor at the intersection of Ludlow Avenue and Central Parkway. We see these as the beginnings of progress, and we look forward to meeting with DOTE staff and you to plan and implement additional infrastructure that connects Clifton with other neighborhoods. CTM formed a Transportation Committee at the beginning of 2015, and bicycling infrastructure topics will be handled by this Committee.

Our resolution does not necessarily connote acceptance of the current traffic issues raised regarding Central Parkway. As such, CTM urges the City to continue to address issues and solve the problems affecting cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists along Central Parkway. CTM requests that any change to the current protected bike lane on Central Parkway must continue to include a safe, protective bicycling infrastructure route on Central Parkway and not negatively impact the efficient travel of cyclists.

Resolution for Bicycling Infrastructure
Clifton Town Meeting desires to make Clifton into a premiere bicycling community within greater Cincinnati in order to improve the vibrancy, safety and overall health of visitors and residents. To do so requires continued investment in on-street infrastructure such as the Central Parkway protected bikeway, bike lanes, sharrows, and bicycle related signage. These features add tremendous value for local businesses and help make our communities more livable and attractive to active individuals and families. Our neighborhood supports the initiative to promote more on-street bicycle infrastructure that connects Clifton to other neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Residents of Clifton use bicycles on established roadways in order to commute to work, school, and shop. We need and endorse the full usage of roads for cyclists for a full and productive lifestyle, not just recreational riding on off-road trails.


Eric Urbas, President
Clifton Town Meeting