Clifton Town Meeting Trustees unanimously passed the following resolution at the CTM meeting on Monday, April 4 after listening to substantial feedback from many Clifton residents and others who utilize the Clifton Cultural Arts Center.

Resolution by Clifton Town Meeting to Preserve Clifton Cultural Arts Center and to Seek Guaranteed Access to Quality Public School Education

Whereas Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) finds Clifton Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) to be an essential asset to the schoolchildren and adult citizens of Clifton, Uptown and beyond, and

Whereas CTM finds access for Clifton schoolchildren to quality public school educational opportunities to be essential

Therefore, be it resolved:

That CTM respectfully requests Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) not terminate the 2005 lease agreement with CCAC which would result in the loss of this essential asset to Clifton, Fairview-Clifton German Language School, Uptown and the Cincinnati community-at-large, and

That CTM respectfully requests to be an active partner with CPS in assessing demand for various educational alternative among residents of Clifton and the entire 45220 zip code with the shared goal of achieving guaranteed access to high quality public school education, and

That CTM respectfully requests CPS to join with all community stakeholders including, but not limited to, CTM, Fairview-Clifton German Language School administrators, faculty and staff, LSDMC, CCAC, and CUF in an effort to build strong partnerships that lead to creative solutions to the current and future educational challenges of this community and beyond.