April 16, 2019 @ 6:15 am – 7:15 am
Burnet Woods - Trailside Nature Center
3251 Brookline Drive
Cynthia Duval
Burnet Woods Hill Repeat/Running Group @ Burnet Woods - Trailside Nature Center

Group meets at 6:15 AM on Tuesday mornings outside of the Trailside Nature Center (for parking, enter on Ludlow Avenue side of Park). Pick your hill(s) from there and repeat your little treads off for as long as you’d like. Buddy-up or run solo as you wish – there is no organized workout. Just hills. All the hills.

Burnet Woods has paved hills, cross-country hills, long winding hills, short steep hills, hills that are called stairs, good beginner hills, long steep hills of misery and achievement. There are even some good single track trail hills after we get daylight back in the morning.
*Participants assume own risk & agree to use common sense in terms of road/running safety on paved roads which may have traffic. Park opens at 6AM but there will be no building or bathroom access. If you want company, please be on time as runners may scatter around the park.