The Clifton Chronicle is a quarterly publication of the Clifton Town Meeting, serving the public since Spring 2001 and mailed to over 5000 households in the Clifton area. The Clifton Branch Library also carries the Chronicle in their magazine section. Today our 16-page publication with CTM news, stories and advertising is published in print format with additional content shared in an online PDF document of 20+ pages found here. Advertising fees and CTM membership dues underwrite the newsletter’s production. Find links to the right of this text and the full archive below. If you would like to receive a print copy of the Clifton Chronicle and to get on the CTM mailing list, register here.

All aspects of life in our community are of importance to the Chronicle Committee whose responsibilities include the gathering and review of content and proofreading for each issue. Are you a writer or photographer? All suggestions are welcomed! Story lengths of 400 words or less (unless longer length is approved by the Editor) are requested, accompanied by captioned 300 dpi photos. Please also include a brief 25 to 40-word summary of your story for use when space is limited in the print version and texts are published in the online version. Send your advertising inquiries, correspondence, stories, announcements, and images to Committee Chair Jan Checco or to our post office box: Clifton Town Meeting, Attn: Clifton Chronicle, Box 20042, Cincinnati, OH 45220-0042.

Editorial Deadlines

  • Winter Issue: For events occurring from December 1 to March 1, the deadline is October 24.
  • Spring Issue: For events from March 1 to May 21, the deadline is January 24.
  • Summer Issue: For events from May 21 to September 1, the deadline is April 17.
  • Fall Issue: For events from September 1 to December 1, the deadline is July 24.

The smallest ad is 3.0′′ x 1.25′′ for $26 and the largest is a full page for $699.75. We also offer four-color ads for some sizes. There is a discount for advertisers contracting and paying at one time for four ads in a year. Ask our Chronicle Committee Chair for an up-to-date Media Kit.

The Chronicle’s History

The impetus to produce a newsletter rich in content and distributed to the entire community was provided by Florine Postell who was immediately joined by Barbra Druffel and E.P. Harris. The CTM Board of Trustees agreed to underwrite the new format and its wide distribution, and the first issue of the Clifton Chronicle was published in 2001. When E.P Harris retired in 2007, Fred Thomas and Sandy Cohan became editors with Tom Lohre as production manager. In Winter 2008, Lohre became Editor and Production Manager. In Summer 2012 the CTM Communications Committee selected Vicki Black to edit and publish the Chronicle with Lohre continuing as Community Liaison. A long line of CTM Trustees has served the newsletter by recruiting stories, managing fees, permits, the postage account and mailing list, including Jeff Rose, Pat Knapp, Ashley Fritz, Vince Metzger and Rama Kasturi.

Jan Checco is the 2021 Chairperson of the Chronicle Committee.

The Clifton Chronicle is a public service of Clifton Town Meeting.