January 4, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Clifton Recreation Center
320 McAlpin Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45220
CTM Meeting @ Clifton Recreation Center | Cincinnati | Ohio | United States

Enter the Clifton Rec Center from the newly renovated entrance via the parking lot. This entrance is universally accessible to all persons. The meeting room is on the second floor. Take the stairs or the elevator.

An agenda for the meeting will emailed to subscribers and will be posted at http://www.cliftoncommunity.org/ before the meeting.

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Please note that public input on agenda items of pressing community concern will be heard after trustee discussion. Community members should sign up to speak on an agenda item before the start of the meeting. Not all agenda items will have time reserved for public input. Individual input on agenda items will be no more than two minutes. Community members are able to speak on non-agenda issues during the public questions and concerns agenda item. Individuals with statements are asked to sign in before the start of the meeting. Statements will be no more than three minutes during the questions and concerns agenda item.

Emailing your issue to contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org is another effective way to have your issue or opinion considered by your trustees. To request an agenda item for the next meeting please email your topic to contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org