Update on Clifton Water Main Replacements

The Clifton neighborhood has had multiple water main pipeline replacements happening over the past two years. Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) presented an update on the work to CTM in April 2015. CTM asked for a fresh update from GCWW during February so that residents would be advised. GCWW responded with the following details.

The Clifton 30” Water Main project is on schedule. The project started later than anticipated due to issues with the contract. The project officially started in November 2015 and is estimated for completion beginning of May 2016. The remainder of the work for the Clifton 30” Water Main will be between Ludlow Avenue and Woolper. Construction will be slower in this corridor due to the increased traffic, narrower roads, and installing the new water main in the trench of the existing 30”. This is a slower process removing the old water main and then installing the new one in the same location. The production decreased significantly, but our Contractor is doing a great job staying on schedule.

Once the 30” water main is complete, there is one more Clifton water main project that still needs to finish. The Clifton McMillan Water Main project includes installing 12” water main from Ludlow Avenue to Woolper. The Contractor cannot install this water main until the Clifton 30” Water Main is complete. The 30” Water Main is being installed first since it is deeper than the 12” water main will be.

The Ludlow Jefferson Water Main project was installed in 2015 and is complete. The Morrison Terrace Avenue Water Main was also installed in 2015 and is complete.