Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) is the recognized community council representing the Clifton neighborhood in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. CTM sponsors and maintains this community website to provide information to residents, business owners, and visitors. Welcome!


  • Complete CTM’s Connected Communities survey by May 29

    Clifton Town Meeting is seeking Clifton resident feedback on the city’s proposal to change zoning in Clifton and other areas of the city. Please complete this CTM survey by May 29 to let us know how you feel! CTM trustees will review the feedback at their next regular meeting on June 3.

    For more detailed information about the city’s Connected Communities proposals, visit the city’s website at

    For visuals on how individual parcels and the Clifton community will be affected if the proposals are approved, visit the following links. It may be helpful to reference these resources as you answer the following questions:

    Search by individual parcel: 

    Above is the Clifton poster depicting key proposed changes
  • Special CTM Meeting: Connected Communities Zoning Proposals

    May 1 meeting starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Clifton Recreation Center

    Join Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) on May 1 to learn about a series of land use and zoning proposals that would increase allowable density and eliminate parking minimums along major public transit routes and in neighborhood business districts across the city. 

    Visit the city’s Connected Communities website to find detailed information and an interactive parcel-by-parcel map showing the impact of proposed zoning changes.

    In Clifton, the proposed legislation would change zoning codes affecting both single- and multi-family housing areas between and just beyond  MLK and McAlpin. An interactive map showing all of the affected areas can be found on the city’s Connected Communities website. Light and dark-green areas in the pictured map represent areas that would see changes in the zoning codes if City Council approves the Connected Communities proposals.

    CTM’s special meeting will take place in-person at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 1, at the Clifton Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Avenue. All Clifton residents are invited and encouraged to join to learn more about the proposals, provide feedback and meet your neighbors. This meeting is focused on residents of Clifton, but you do not need to be a CTM member to participate.

    Our featured speaker is City Council Member Reggie Harris, who was elected in 2021 and currently serves as chair of the city’s Budget and Finance Committee. Harris is a leading voice on growing the city to meet today’s housing crisis.

Future CTM Meetings

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