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Clifton Town Meeting Board of Trustees meets again on Monday, Oct 3, 2022

The public is welcome to attend. Public input on CTM agenda items will be heard after Trustee discussion is complete.  Community members wishing to address the Board on an agenda item should sign up to speak before the start of the meeting with an email request directed to the President at Individual input on agenda items will last no more than two minutes. Community members may speak on non-agenda issues during the public questions and concerns period at the end of the meeting.  Individuals with statements are asked to sign in before the start of the meeting.  Such statements should last not more than three minutes and are invited during the public questions and concerns period.  Email your request to speak (specify the topic), or to request an agenda item at the next meeting to

 Google Meet joining info Video call link:


TimeTopicTopic LeadScope of Discussion
7:00 / 1 minWelcome to the Google Meet electronic meetingPres Gerald CheccoTrustees
7:01 / 2 minRoll Call/ Approve prior month’s meeting minutesSec. Mike RollerTrustees
7: 03 / 2 minTreasurer’s ReportTreas. Tim NoonanTrustees/Comm.
7:05 / 15 minPolice ReportP.O. Shawn DentTrustees/Comm.
7:20/ 10 minCreation of a Safe Clifton crowd funding– Motion 1Pres Gerald CheccoTrustees
7:30 / 5 minCRC Report- Motion 2Collin FitzpatrickTrustees/Comm.
7:35/ 5 minLibraryJeanne S. DeGroot 
8:40/ 5 minNominating Committee – Official list of candidates – Motion 3Gerald Checco 
8:45/ 5 MinNext Neighborhood Clean Up – October 15, 2022Jayme Ritter 
8:50/ 3 minAnnouncement of a potential Special Meeting for the purpose of support of variances for the CCACNestor Melnyk 
8:53/ 2 minAnnouncement viewing at the Esquire of “Living with Landslide” movie of Laure Quinlivan – October 29, 2022, at noon.  
8:50 / 5 minThanks GivingBoardTrustees/Comm.
8:55 / 5 minTrustee, Committee and Liaisons AnnouncementsPres CheccoTrustees/Comm.
9:00/ 5 minCommunity Questions/ConcernsPres CheccoTrustees/Comm.
 Adjournment – Next meeting October 3, 2022Pres CheccoTrustees/Comm.


1CBA LiaisonMotion that Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) supports the creation of a “crowd funding” campaign, similar to CliftonCares aimed at raising money for safety needs in Clifton Business District.
2TreasurerTo amend the budget to add $500 in support of CRC Halloween expenses
3NominatingMotion to acknowledge that the candidates for election of the Board of Trustees are (in order of declaration): Gerald Checco, Robert Hamberg, Rachel Wells, Zeeshan Tayeb, Tim Noonan, Barry Gee, Mansee Chauhan, John Whedon, Justin Ogilby

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