Please send all advertising inquiries, correspondence, stories, announcements, and images to Vicki Black. Deadlines and advertising rates are below.

The Clifton Chronicle is the publication of Clifton Town Meeting. The first issue appeared in Spring 2001 and has been published quarterly since then. The Clifton Chronicle is mailed to 4,781 households in the 45220 zip code area. If you would like to receive a print copy of the Clifton Chronicle, email Vicki Black at the address above.

The impetus to produce a newsletter rich in content and distributed to the entire community was provided by Florine Postell who was immediately joined by Barbra Druffel and E.P. Harris. It took some effort to persuade the CTM Board of Trustees to underwrite the new format and wide distribution, but eventually the idea won endorsement and the Clifton Chronicle was born.

In Fall 2007, E.P Harris retired and Fred Thomas and Sandy Cohan became editors with Tom Lohre as production manager. In Winter 2008, Tom Lohre took over the role as editor and production manager. The Spring 2012 issue was not printed as a search for a new “Do it All” person commenced.  In the summer of 2012, the CTM Communications Committee selected Vicki Black to produce the summer issue for a fee with Tom Lohre taking the role of Community Liaison. Over the next year Tom Lohre’s role was phased  out with a CTM Trustee taking over his role of recruiting stories, managing fees, permits, postage account and mailing list. Jeff Rose served as the first CTM Chronicle Trustee followed by Pat Knapp, Ashley Fritz, and now Vince Metzger currently fulling the role.

Today the Clifton Chronicle is printed and mailed to 4,781 Cliftonites as a 12-page publication with advertising and stories four times a year. More stories are in the online PDF document of more than 40 pages: links to the right with a full archive below. You can read the printed on-line editions at the library in the magazine section and pick up the current printed edition.

Editorial Deadlines

  • For events from December 1 to March 1, the deadline is October 25 for the winter issue.
  • For events from March 1 to May 21, the deadline is January 24 for the spring issue.
  • For events from May 21 to September 1, the deadline is April 24 for the summer issue.
  • For events from September 1 to December 1, the deadline is July 26 for the fall issue.

Clifton Chronicle online stories can be 400 words in length with a photo. Please include a brief 25 to 40 word summary for possible inclusion in the printed newsletter.

Advertising Deadlines are One Week Earlier

Advertising and support by your membership dues allow the printing and distribution to happen. The smallest ad is 2.375″ x 1″ for $25 and the largest is 7.5″ x 6″ for $325. There is a discount if you contract and pay for four ads. Check back here soon for the revised ad sizes and rates that are awaiting CTM Trustee approval. .

Suggestions for any part of the newsletter are welcomed at our email address: or to our post office: Clifton Chronicle, Box 20042, Cincinnati, OH 45220.

The Clifton Chronicle is a public service of Clifton Town Meeting.