The Clifton Chronicle is a quarterly publication of Clifton Town Meeting, serving the public since Spring 2001 and delivered now to over 10,000 readers. Our 20-page publication features our organization’s news, stories from the wider community, and advertisements from local businesses. The Chronicle is published in both digital and print formats, with paper copies available at over 40 locations including the Clifton Branch Library and many local businesses. Advertising, grants and CTM membership dues underwrite the newsletter’s production. The full archive can be viewed in the listings on this page. To receive a print and/or electronic copy of the Clifton Chronicle, please sign up for the CTM mailing list: register here.

The Chronicle Committee sets the theme for each issue, invites contributors, gathers and reviews content offered by the community. Are you a writer or photographer? Your contributions are welcome! Story lengths of 300 words or less are requested (unless otherwise assigned/approved). Images must have 300 dpi resolution and be accompanied by captions. Please send your advertising inquiries, correspondence, stories, announcements and images to our email ctm.chronicle@gmail.com. You can also mail to our post office box: Clifton Town Meeting, Attn: Clifton Chronicle, Box 20042, Cincinnati, OH 45220-0042.

Editorial and Advertising Deadlines

  • Winter Issue: For events occurring from December 1 to March 1, the deadline is October 24.
  • Spring Issue: For events from March 1 to May 21, the deadline is January 24.
  • Summer Issue: For events from May 21 to September 1, the deadline is April 17.
  • Fall Issue: For events from September 1 to December 1, the deadline is July 24.

Advertisers who establish a contract for four ads in a year, and who pay at the time of the first ad publication can enjoy a discount.  Please click here to download our media kit that includes the dimensions and prices of our ads.  Both color and black and white ads are offered for the same low price.

The 2023 Chronicle Committee

Jan Brown Checco (Chair), Josie Angel (design and layout) Gerald Checco, Mary Nauman, Steve Schuckman, Rachel Wells, John Whedon, and Barb Wriston-Ruddy, with advice from the CTM Executive Committee & Board of Trustees. Please click here to send us an email to get involved!

The Clifton Chronicle is a public service of Clifton Town Meeting.

History of the Clifton Chronicle

In 2001, Florine Postell suggested creation of a CTM newsletter, rich in content and distributed to the entire community. She was immediately joined by Barbra Druffel and E.P. Harris for production support, and the CTM Board of Trustees agreed to be the underwriter. When E.P Harris retired in 2007, Fred Thomas and Sandy Cohan became editors with Tom Lohre serving as production manager. In 2008, Tom Lohre became Editor and Production Manager. In 2012, Vicki Black was hired to edit and publish the Chronicle. In 2021, the Communications Committee hired designer and layout artist Josie Angel to support their ongoing publication work. Many CTM Trustees have served the newsletter over the years by contributing texts, soliciting stories, managing fees, permits, postage and printers accounts and updating an ever-growing mailing list.