Ludlow Garage 50th Anniversary Mural Project

Seven masterful Cincinnati artists are creating paintings and drawings that will be enlarged and printed to create 10 foot-tall portraits of important musicians who have performed at the famed Ludlow Garage. Our creative team includes CF Payne, David Michael Beck, Ellina Chetverikova, Brandon Hawkins, John Maggard, Gabrielle Siekman and Jenny Ustick. The artists selected the … Continue reading Ludlow Garage 50th Anniversary Mural Project

Rush Hour Parking Information

Excerpts from City of Cincinnati Press Release: Full-Time, On-Street Parking on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton Business District A pilot project meant to calm traffic along Ludlow Avenue went into effect Monday, Aug. 19, creating full-time, on-street parking between Cornell Place and Brookline Avenue in the Clifton Business District. Current restrictions that prohibit parking on both … Continue reading Rush Hour Parking Information