Greater Cincinnati is blessed with exceptional hospitals and health care professionals. 

Our neighborhood benefits greatly by our proximity to these institutions – and also from daily patronage by their employees.  The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing these professionals to long hours and unprecedented levels of stress as they answer the call of duty. At the same time, they are exposing themselves and their families to the danger of this new little-known virus.

Our restaurants contribute enormously to our quality of life, and they also find themselves in a perilous situation.  Dining-in seating and service are not permitted, so to stay open, they must rely solely on curbside delivered carry-out orders.

Clifton Business Association (CBA) is launching a fundraising initiative called “Clifton Cares.”  

Your tax-exempt contributions can be made to a fund managed by CBA.  Any healthcare professional can call in an order for a carry-out lunch or dinner from the menus of participating restaurants, then follow with pickup of the order in front of the restaurant, including Dusmesh, The Whole Bowl, Habanero’s, Proud Rooster, Sitwells Act II, Biagio’s Bistro, Marrakech and Gaslight Bar & Grill. 

The goal of our fundraising effort is to provide 500 meals, priced from $5 – $20 per meal.  This offer will be promoted throughout our local healthcare facilities. CBA will track the sales at participating restaurants weekly and funnel community sponsorship to them in measure of their sales.  This relief food initiative will last as long as our fundraising allows.

To contribute to this CBA “Clifton Cares” initiative, click on QR Code or go to .  

Thanks for supporting our healthcare workers!