CTM Achievements 2020 – 2023

We thank the many volunteers who have worked with CTM over the years to make our community a better place. We always seek more volunteers to continue and support the efforts made by others.

CliftonCares established during Pandemic

  • Supported local restaurants during pandemic
  • Supported Health Care Workers with 2000 + free meals during pandemic
  • Leadership in Crisis award received
  • Successful fundraising to increase Police presence

Created Clifton Connect with Library and partners to welcome immigrants

  • Focused on newly-arrived immigrants
  • Seven orientation programs
  • Reached out to 50+ Clifton households

Memorial Day Parade & Picnic

  • Revived after pandemic
  • Served 300 – 400 individuals
  • Self-supporting thanks to sponsors

Holidays on Ludlow

  • Revived after pandemic
  • Collaboration with Clifton Business Association and local businesses
  • 150+ attendance annually

Applied/ Obtained/ Managed multiple grants

  • Enhancement of Clifton Plaza ($25k)
  • Security Cameras installed on Ludlow ($20k)
  • Concerts & Events ($10k)

Opened Neighborhood Support Program application process to include:

  • Manifest
  • Clifton Cultural Arts Center
  • Clifton Business Association
  • Clifton Recreation Center
  • Clifton Town Meeting
  • Individual residents

Produced Clifton Chronicle newsletter

  • Over 50 Content Contributors
  • Over 25 Advertisers
  • 10,000 recipients of electronic paper
  • 4,000 recipients of paper newsletter
  • Eliminated waste by improved distribution

Continued Support of “Off Ludlow Gallery” on Ormond Av

  • About 20 shows
  • Holiday Gallery Gifts shows
  • City-wide draw

Zoning changes/ supported local initiatives

  • Alive & Well sidewalk decking
  • Clifton Cultural Arts Center construction phases
  • Immanuel Church renovation

Membership Maintenance

  • Cleanup of membership rolls
  • Maintenance of membership roll
  • Updated organizational mailing lists

Beautification and Caretaking

  • Replanted street flowerpots x 400
  • Eliminated 1000 graffiti tags
  • Eliminated a dozen abandoned street news boxes
  • Collected 800+ bags of litter
  • Beautified Telford Plaza
  • Beautified Clifton Plaza
  • Pressure washing of sidewalks (4x)
  • Beautification award (Keep Cinti Beautiful)
  • Multiple cleaning of Ludlow Avenue
  • Several litter pickups on North Clifton Avenue, Dixmyth, Lafayette

Traffic Safety

  • Enhanced safety in a dozen Clifton locations
  • Addition of speed bumps and signage
  • Addition of several 4-way stops

Golf Outing Production Support in 2020, 2021, 2022


  • Welcomed City Council meetings x2
  • Worked with CPD on crime prevention
  • Cooperation with CBA and local merchants for public safety
  • “Burnet Commons” ad hoc committee convenes residents for discussions

Support of other local civic organizations

  • Clifton Community Fund (CCF) as their fiscal agent
  • Clifton Business Association (CBA) as their fiscal agent
  • Clifton Soccer as their fiscal agent

Transparency/ Engagement

  • Enhanced Email communication
  • Introduced hybrid meetings
  • All motions for Trustee voting provided to all before meetings
  • Easy sign-up for speaking at meetings
  • Easy way path to membership
  • Link to our calendar
  • Dozens of surveys sent for input

Calendar of Committee Meetings and Events

  • Most meetings are in the website calendar
  • Easy participation for all

External Communications

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Metro Bus
  • Local Churches
  • Local Charities
  • Schools

Bylaws reviews

  • Deep dives into the bylaws by Trustees
  • Identification of multiple inconsistencies
  • Identification of multiple outdated items
  • Proposal of improvements for operation