8th Annual CTM Golf Outing

Join us for the 8th annual CTM Golf Outing, dinner on the Clubhouse deck and prizes!

Avon Fields Golf Course: Oldest Course West of the Alleghenies

  • Date: Saturday August 28, 2021
  • Location: Avon Fields Golf Course
  • Time: Shotgun start at 2:00 pm – 18 hole scramble
  • Dinner: 6:00 pm; welcome families and friends
  • Fee: $90 per player. Make your own foursome or we can pair you up.
  • Dinner for Extra Guests: $10 (Kids 12 and under eat for free)
  • To Register: Complete the 2021 Golf Outing Registration. Please include names of others registering as a group. This form is required even if you purchased online tickets.
  • As of Aug 24 morning, all foursomes are filled. We are sold out! This is great news!
  • Purchase Online: Due to foursomes being sold out, you now can pay for extra dinners and provide an additional donation at our online store. We use PayPal for payment. You must complete the paper registration even if you purchased online previously – this is how we will know who is in your foursome.

Clifton Market is this year’s title sponsor.

Over the years, the Golf Outing has helped raise over $60,000 for charitable causes in Clifton including the Clifton Recreation Center, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, The Cancer Institute at Good Samaritan Hospital, Burnet Woods, Clifton Fairview German Language School, Clifton Community Fund, and Little Sisters of the Poor. Proceeds this year will benefit the Clifton Area Neighborhood School PTO.

This year’s three presenting sponsors are

  • Superior Honda
  • Superior Kia
  • Robert Ditimassi & Barbra Druffel – Realtors

For more information about the event or Sponsorship Opportunities, click here to email the event leaders.

This year’s event planning and producing was led by a small team of gracious volunteers. CTM is thankful for all they did to prepare and execute this event:

  • John Whedon – Event Captain
  • Luke Blocher
  • Gerald Checco
  • Tom Dwyer
  • John Juech
  • Brian McCarren
  • Vince Metzger
  • Christina Smart
  • Andrea Steege

We are happy to have the following hole sponsors for the event.

Clifton Neighborhood Plan

Our neighborhood has begun the process with the City of Cincinnati Department of Planning to create a neighborhood plan. A neighborhood plan is best described as a map of the neighborhood’s future. Acting as a guide, our neighborhood plan will tell current and future community members and decision makers where we were, where we are now, where we want to go, how we intend to get there, and who will help us along the way.

More specifically, the plan:

  • Allows for a platform for dialogue and engagement
  • Creates and confirms neighborhood identity, goals and vision
  • Helps guide policy decisions that impact the neighborhood
  • Helps guide development and investment decisions
  • Used as a tool for community investment projects
  • Demonstrates to City leaders that the neighborhood is united

Below are some frequently asked questions as well as links on how to get involved in the process.

What is in a neighborhood plan?

Each neighborhood’s plan is different – designed to meet the goals of that individual
neighborhood. However, there are certain elements that are commonly addressed. Typically, a neighborhood plan will contain the following components:

  • History of the neighborhood
  • Existing Conditions (past and current demographic and geographic information)
  • Vision statement
  • Goals and objectives (on various focus areas, such as: housing, economic Development/Business Retention, transportation, parks and recreation, public facilities and open space, land use, and health and the environment)
  • Implementation plans

Doesn’t Clifton have a few plans? Why do we need another one?

The last plans specific to Clifton are the Clifton Community Plan (1982) and the
Clifton Neighborhood Business District Urban Design Plan (1978). We need a plan
because a neighborhood plan is usually only relevant for 5-15 years, and our last plan
was from 38 years ago. We need to create a neighborhood-wide plan that showcases
our neighborhood’s vision, goals, and strategies. This plan will ultimately be reviewed
and approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council and recognized
as our official neighborhood plan. You can find copies of past plans (including the Clifton plans) on the City Planning website by clicking here.

Who participates in a neighborhood plan?

Everyone who is interested is invited to participate in the planning process. This includes residents (homeowners and renters), business owners, representatives of community institutions (like churches or schools), organizations in the neighborhood, etc.

How can I sign up for updates, get involved, or share my ideas?

There are many ways for you to get involved, no matter how much or how little time you may have! If you are interested in getting involved, click here to email Joe Brunner, President of Clifton Town Meeting.

Some examples of how to get involved are as follows:

As a Steering Committee Member
The Steering Committee’s main job is to champion the plan and provide guidance from beginning to approval. Steering Committee members will also help lead the working groups. The Steering Committee meets once a month.

As a Working Group Member
Working group members will help provide shape and detail to specific areas of the plan. They will write the goals and strategies for each of the focus areas. Working Groups will meet six to seven times throughout the year.

As a Plan Participant
Participate in plan events, provide feedback on surveys, send your thoughts via email, and follow along during the process. There is no minimum time commitment and you can participate when you are free and interested! Sign up for CTM emails by clicking here to receive future info on this topic and other topics including events and CTM meetings.

Contact James Weaver, City Planner by email or by phone at 513-352-4882 or email Joe Brunner, CTM President or visit the City’s website page by clicking here.

7th annual CTM Golf Outing

Avon Fields Golf Course: Oldest Course West of the Alleghenies

Join us for the 7th annual CTM Golf Outing, dinner on the Clubhouse deck and prizes!

  • Date: Saturday August 24, 2019
  • Time: 2:00 pm 18 hole scramble
  • Dinner: 6:00 pm; welcome families and friends.

Honoring:  Tom Reese,Mr. Clifton,” after play concludes, 6:45 pm.

The “Beat the Lady Bearcat” is back with lots of prizes for golf feats and the golf Gift & Basket raffle.  Kids putting contest starts after 6 pm.  Over the years, the Golf Outing has helped raise $50,000 for charitable cause in Clifton. Proceeds will benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  • Shotgun start:  2 pm
  • Fee: $90 per player. Make your own foursome or we can pair you up.
  • Dinner for Guests: $10 (Kids 12 and under eat for free)
  • To Register: Complete the 2019 Golf Outing Registration. Please include names of others registering as a group. This form is required even if you purchased online tickets. The online store is now closed.

For more information about the event or Sponsorship Opportunities, contact: ContactCTM@cliftoncommunity.org.

Chronicle Minute: The Chronicle Chats with Capt. Ron Wilson

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Chronicle Chats where we interview some- one who makes our neighborhood a special place. We hope that you enjoyed our last Chronicle Chats with Cindy Erwin, who has worked at Clifton Skyline Chili for 40 years. In this issue we interviewed the captain of Cincinnati Fire Department’s Station 34 on Ludlow Avenue, Ron Wilson. Station 34 is an iconic Clifton building and that is where we found Capt. Wilson one snowy Sunday this past January.

Captain Ron Wilson and Lucy Whedon

How long have you been a firefighter?

“I have been a firefighter for about 25 years now.”

Do you like the architecture of the firehouse?

“Yes and a lot of people that come by love it too.”

Do you know what year firehouse 34 was built?

“This firehouse was built in 1896”

What hours do you work here?

“All the firemen work 24-hour shifts from 7 a.m. to 7 a.m. the next day”.

Do the fireman have a favorite spot in Clifton?

“Besides the firehouse probably the park (Burnet Woods) because we do some of our training there.”

Describe your perfect day here?

“My perfect day at the firehouse would  be with my regular team and there really is no perfect day here because everyday is perfect here. Every day is perfect because every day is different and you never know what will happen that day really.”

What is your favorite thing to order at Skyline?

“My favorite order is probably a small Five-Way, I like the beans.”

What is your favorite ice cream flavor from Graeters?

“My  favorite  flavor  would   definitely be butter pecan.”

Clifton is known for its older houses, is that a problem for preventing fires?

“No, not really, but if there is a fire in an older house they are built differently so it can be difficult.”

Bearcats or Musketeers?

“Ooo . . . I would have to say Xavier.”

You put a water bowl out for the dogs, what is the most interesting dog that you have seen?

“Hmm . . . there are a group of three pit bull mixes that come there very often so   I would say them because they can be in- teresting.”

Thank you to Captain Ron Wilson and all the fire fighters there that make Station 34 so great. For any Clifton Chronicle Chat suggestions, please email thewhedons@ gmail.com.  We will see you next time for our Clifton Chronicle Chats.