District 5 Site Selection Community Input Opportunity

There will be a public hearing of the Law & Public Safety Committee on Tuesday, April 16th at 6:00pm at City Hall. The public hearing will give you and other citizens the opportunity to share your thoughts on the two headquarter location options, 3300 Central Parkway (Clifton), or 5837 Hamilton Avenue (College Hill). Each person will be given two minutes to address the committee.

  • 3300 Central Parkway: owned by the City, makes use of existing building, shell/foundation, acquisition of adjacent hotel required = Total project cost of $9.7 million, which is within original budget; project completion roughly 18-24 months
  • 5837 Hamilton Avenue: current temporary location for District 5, City would buy property and existing tenant leases; requires additional cost to keep temporary HQ open during construction = Estimated total project cost of $22.45 million, not enough funding under current project scope; project completion roughly 10+ years

The CTM board has voted in support of the Central Parkway (Clifton) and expressed that to the City. Our reasons for supporting the Clifton location are 1) That the Central Parkway location is more centrally located to all of District 5, therefore, it is best positioned to respond ever-changing needs of the entire district and 2) The Central Parkway location can be implemented at a lower capital cost and sooner, thus saving precious taxpayer dollars and getting District 5 into a permanent location sooner.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please consider contacting the representatives listed below.

RepresentativeTelephone NumberE-mail Address
Mayor John Cranley513-352-3250mayor.cranley@cincinnati-oh.gov
Vice Mayor Christopher Smitherman513-352-3464christopher.smitherman@cincinnati-oh.gov
President Pro Tem Tamaya Dennard513-352-5205tamaya.dennard@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member Greg Landsman513-352-3532greg.landsman@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member David Mann513-352-4611david.mann@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member Amy Murray513-352-3640amy.murray@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member Jeff Pastor513-352-5243jeff.pastor@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member Chris Seelbach513-352-5210chris.seelbach@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member P.G. Sittenfeld513-352-5280pg.sittenfeld@cincinnati-oh.gov
Council Member Wendell Young513-352-3466wendell.young@cincinnati-oh.gov
City Manager Patrick Duhaney513-352-3243citymanager@cincinnati-oh.gov

Thank you for taking the time make your voice heard on this very important issue!