Results from Third Public Forum on Ludlow 21 Report

On January 20, 2015, various people from Clifton got together to have a third round of discussions on the Ludlow 21 report. The discussion included a presentation from Eye Candy on how to do branding – a key recommendation from the Ludlow 21 report. Eye Candy has awarded the The Ludlow 21 Working Group 40 hours of work towards branding the Clifton Business District. You can read Eye Candy’s press release on the award. The notes from the public forum can be found at Link to January Notes from Wall.

The Ludlow 21 Working Group is made up of members of the community including CPBA, CTM Trustees, and Uptown Consortium. You can click on Ludlow 21 Report to read the report. Community feedback is welcomed. Please send it to CTM and put Ludlow 21 Feedback in the subject line.

The Working Group has also created a survey and requested a response from all community members. Click here to go to the survey.

The next public discussion on the Ludlow 21 report will be February 17.

CTM joins Twitter

Clifton Town Meeting has joined the social media world of Twitter. You can follow us @CliftonTownMeet or press the button in this posting.

CTM Elects 2015 Executive Committee

During the January meeting, Clifton Town Meeting Trustees elected a new set of Officers that will be the Executive Committee for 2015.  The new Officers are as follows:

President – Tony Sizemore
Vice President – Adam Hyland
Vice President – Joyce Rich
Treasurer – Michael Moran
Secretary – Kevin Marsh

Officers are allowed to serve in the same capacity only for two consecutive years before they are term limited.

CTM Forms 2015 Committees

During the January CTM meeting, Trustees agreed to form the following Committees lead by the noted Chairpersons:

Committee Chairperson
Beautification Adam Balz
Business Morgan Rich
Chronicle Ashley Fritz
Websites Eric Urbas
Membership Kevin Marsh
Events Nicholas Hollan
Housing and Zoning Adam Hyland
Nominating Ben Pantoja
Public Safety Kevin Marsh
Clifton Plaza LLC Tony Sizemore & Michael Moran
Transportation Mike Schur
Volunteer Shaun McCance
Parks Adam Hyland
Fundraising Joyce Rich

In addition, two “Ad Hoc” Committees were formed:

Ad Hoc Committees  Chairperson
Evaluation of trash cans on Ludlow Rama Kasturi
Deer Management Adam Hyland

Some of the Committee are new for 2015 as Clifton Town Meeting seeks to focus more on specific areas in the Community. All Committees can include participation by residents. If you want to join in, please send an email to Clifton Town Meeting expressing your interests. We will get you connected.

Zoning Code Changing in Clifton – How It Will Affect You…

Zoning Code Changing in Clifton – How It Will Affect You – and What You Can Still Do About It

10 Second Summary
The City is rewriting the zoning code which will have a major effect on everyone who lives, works, or owns property in Cincinnati.  You can learn how the proposed rules will affect Clifton and specifically your own property or residence.  You can read the draft version and suggest changes before it becomes law.  Clifton Town Meeting (CTM), your neighborhood community council, is conducting its own review, but also relies on all residents to educate themselves and provide thoughtful comments both to its Housing and Zoning Committee and to the City Planning Department.

What does the code do and why should I care?

The City is in the middle of rewriting the zoning code, which governs most of what shapes the look and feel of a community.  The “code” protects residents from incompatible uses of property, as, for example, preventing your next door neighbor from opening a bar with outdoor seating under your bedroom window.  It also tells your neighbor where in the city she may expect to set up her new business without hindrance from nearby property owners (typically permissible in an established business district).  

In addition to controlling usage, the code influences the look and feel of a community by establishing parameters for the architectural elements of a structure and where it is located vis-a-vis the boundaries of the lot where it is located and the characteristics of other structures nearby.  For example, you can build a large apartment building in a zone which is designated for high-density residential use, but not among people’s homes in a single-family housing zone.  Even though both kinds of buildings have the same use, i.e., residential housing, the scale and weight of each type is quite different.  

You can thank the code’s regulatory structure for balancing the various needs a community has for the land within its borders.  The zoning code provides, perhaps more than any other factor, the control over the look and feel of the environment that makes Clifton the delightful neighborhood we share and love. If you own real estate, the code has a major role in determining its desirability and thus protecting its value as an investment.

How can I learn what the new code says?
The City has posted the current draft, called Revision Two of the Land Development Code.  You will also find links to maps and charts summarizing the changes and even a search box that will guide you to the details affecting any street address. Here is the current Zoning Code so that you may read what’s there before any proposed changes are included.

How can I influence the final version?

The site includes a form for comments and a number to call for help finding the information you are seeking.  CTM would like to know if you plan to submit a suggested change and will consider incorporating it its review for submission to the City.   Please email your suggested changes to the Housing and Zoning Committee.

What’s the timeline?
January 30 is the date by which the City has asked for all comments to be submitted for consideration in the next revision. The City will publish the next revision (3rd Draft) will later this year for public comments.

Holidays on Ludlow / Popup fairytale Parade 2014

Holidays on Ludlow was the evening of Dec 5th. During this year’s annual event in the Clifton Business District, a Pop-Up event was held. Several window vignettes were revealed around the event theme – fairytale.   Clifton is grateful that Pop-Up held their holidays related event in our business district.  Please enjoy this linked video on Facebook care of Alissa Stachowski who participated in the unveiling parade on Dec 5th.  You don’t have to be on “Facebook” to see the video.   Just click the word “Post” below, and then click the triangle shape inside the circle on the that appears in the middle of the image.  The video will take a couple of minutes to load — please blame Facebook, not us!

Results from Second Public Forum on Ludlow 21 Report

On November 10, 2014, various people from Clifton got together to have a second round of discussions on the Ludlow 21 report. The discussion resulted in several initiatives coming to the forefront for further detailed discussion. Some attendees agreed to join into those detailed discussions.

The notes from the meeting can be found at this Link to Notes from Wall Ludlow 21.

The Ludlow 21 Working Group is made up of members of the community including CPBA, CTM Trustees, and Uptown Consortium. You can click on Ludlow 21 Report to read the report. Community feedback is welcomed. Please send it to CTM and put Ludlow 21 Feedback in the subject line.

The next public discussion on the efforts coming from the Ludlow 21 report will be on Monday, January 19, 2015, 6‐8pm at Public Services Dept. Second Floor Conference Room, 1115 Bates Avenue off Central Parkway, just north of the new MLK overpass.

CliftonFest 2014 Chalk Art

This gallery contains 9 photos.

CliftonFest was the weekend of Sept 26-28, 2014. Many people came to enjoy the festivities, artists, and musicians. With this posting are some of the wonderful chart art works that were created during the weekend. . We do not have pictures of all the works. If you have one, please email it to and […]

Thanks for the Flowers!

The twenty-four large flower pots on Ludlow have been an amazing success. If you are enjoying all of the life and color that they bring to the business district, please take the time to thank the organizations, businesses, families, and individuals who made them possible. They were sponsored by the following: Evanswood Place, Nanda, THE LUDLOW WINE AND SUPPER CLUB, Live at Ludlow Garage (two pots), The Rich Family, The Hammons Family, The Garden Club of Clifton (two pots), Jan and Gerald Checco, Buddy Goose and Mary Rita Dominic, Gaslight Property, Gaslight Bed & Breakfast, Dennis Turner of DT Properties, Larry Johnson, Tom Ridgeway and Donald Imwalle, Skyline Chili (three pots), Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) (three pots), and Clifton Business and Professionals Association (CBPA) (three pots).

This financial support made it so CTM and CBPA could save some of their beautification budgets for other projects. The flower pot project was planned by CBPA’s Scott Crawford and the pots were installed by he and CTM Beautification Committee members. The pots are a partnership with Cincinnati Parks. For the low cost of $200 a piece, the parks plant them for three seasons, water them twice weekly, and replace dead plants. This solves the most difficult problem with plantings on Ludlow—how to water them. CTM is hopeful that this program will continue to have city support and keep our neighborhood business district looking beautiful into the future.

—Adam Balz, CTM Beautification Committee Chair


CTM Resolution Supporting Bicycling Infrastructure

The following resolution was sent by email on August 11, 2014:

Mayor Cranley, Interim City Manager Scott Stiles, and members of Cincinnati City Council;

In recent months, there has been increased interest and debate regarding bicycling infrastructure in Cincinnati, including the Central Parkway Bike Lanes, the Bikeshare program, and the expansion of dedicated bike trails. Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) believes it is important for the City of Cincinnati to understand our position regarding bicycling infrastructure. At our July 14th meeting, the Board of CTM unanimously passed the following resolution:

Clifton Town Meeting desires to make Clifton into a premiere bicycling community within greater Cincinnati in order to improve the vibrancy, safety and overall health of visitors and residents. To do so requires continued investment in on-street infrastructure such as as the Central Parkway protected bikeway, bike lanes, sharrows, and bicycle related signage. These features add tremendous value for local businesses and help make our communities more livable and attractive to active individuals and families. Our neighborhood supports the initiative to promote more on-street bicycle infrastructure that connects Clifton to other neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Residents of Clifton use bicycles on established roadways in order to commute to work, school, and shop. We need and endorse the full usage of roads for cyclists for a full and productive lifestyle, not just recreational riding on off-road trails.

– Ben Pantoja, President, Clifton Town Meeting