What is it?

Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) is working with the Cincinnati Department of Transportation & Engineering (DOTE) on plans for a redesign of Clifton Avenue north of Ludlow Ave. The redesign plan will involve right-sizing each section of the roadway to better accommodate drivers, pedestrians and non-vehicular users. The new design will fit within the existing footprint of the road, no curb lines will change.

Why do this?

The primary focus of the redesign is to improve safety and useability for all users. For years CTMhas fielded community complaints about the safety of Clifton Avenue. Residents do not feel safe when walking along, crossing, or biking the street. Speed data has recorded drivers traveling faster than 70mph along this neighborhood street. There have been numerous serious accidents, some with vehicles overturned. All on a street that is home to residents, schools, places of worship, and community centers.

How can I help? The redesign plan is happening right now. Community input and engagement is the highest priority to ensure that we are meeting the needs of those that utilize Clifton Avenue the most! We have various meetings scheduled to gather community input and share the most recent updates. See below for the dates and times of these meetings. 

Community Engagement Schedule

Date and TimeLocationEventDetails
7:00 – 9:00 pm
VirtualTransportation committee meeting2024.03.19 Input Session.pptx
4/28/24 4:00 – 5:30 pmDiggs Plaza“Walk the street” community input session2024.04.28 Clifton Ave Walk Community Input
7:00 – 9:00 pm
Community Room
Clifton Cultural Arts Center3412 Clifton Ave
Solution Workshop2024.07.16 Clifton Ave Community Workshop
7:00 – 9:00 pm
TBDInitial Option Presentation
7:00 pm
Clifton Recreation CenterCTM General MeetingPresentation and discussion of options with CTM board
7:00 pm 
Clifton Recreation CenterCTM General MeetingCTM board vote on preferred option

When will this happen? 

Once planning is complete (estimated for summer of 2024), the redesign will be executed in multiple phases. Short-term, the plan may be implemented using temporary materials to validate the design and achieve immediate benefits. Long-term, the redesign will be made permanent when the street is repaved in accordance with the street rehabilitation program.

How will this be paid for?

The planning is made possible by community volunteers and DOTE’s own internal resources. Construction funding is yet to be identified.

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