I believe Clifton continues to be one of the best neighborhoods in the city because of its people. Over many decades our neighbors have worked to protect what is worthy and great, and progress where we can. I feel this dedication toward protection and progress is exemplified by our members, board members and community partners who show up and support our neighborhood though thoughtful ideas, neighborly discussion and plenty of hard work.

Throughout this next year we will be hosting a number of community dialogue sessions both during our regularly scheduled meetings and outside of them, on a wide range of topics. We will be looking for input and we hope you will come to the table to provide your thoughts on a subject that might interest you, or where you may have expertise.

CTM cannot accomplish its goals without a strong and robust membership that supports the community and its council. For those who are already members, thank you and we hope to see you soon! For those who would like to support all of the wonderful community events and priorities that are funded or hosted each year by CTM, please consider becoming a member and a community partner with us!

I also recognize that most projects and activities CTM takes on require the support and cooperation of other organizations, such as the City of Cincinnati, the Clifton Business and Professional Association, the Uptown Consortium, our local elementary schools, the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, CliftonFest, the Clifton Recreation Center, the Clifton Community Fund, our neighborhood businesses and all of our funding partners. We thank all of our partners and will strive to deepen these relationships so that, through our joint efforts, we continuously improve our impact on the Clifton community.

I am proud to serve as the president of Clifton Town Meeting for 2019 and look forward to working with our board to contribute positively to the community and tackle many priorities for the organization. If you are interested in becoming a member of Clifton Town Meeting, or donating time, talent or treasure to support our cause, please contact us.

I also want to thank Christine Celsor for her work over the past year as President of CTM, she led us through a successful year and the community should be proud and thankful for the work that Christine has and continues to accomplish!

We are all in this together and with thoughtful ideas, neighborly discussion and plenty of work, I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish for Clifton.

With Appreciation,

Brad Hawse, President CTM