CTM appoints new trustee, elects officers, establishes committees and committee chairs

Clifton Town meeting trustees appointed Mindi Rich to fill a board vacancy during its monthly meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, 2024. Rich fills a seat that remained open after a community member elected in November 2023 resigned before his term began. The one-year appointment will end in December 2024.

Prior to being appointed, Rich shared the following candidate’s statement:

My family returned to Clifton in the summer of 2022. My husband, three daughters and I are thrilled to be back in this wonderful gem of a neighborhood! I have always enjoyed keeping busy by volunteering within the community in one way or another. For several years I assisted in coordinating the Clifton Child Study Group – something I am still very active in today. I have also assisted in organizing CliftonFest in past years – creating a space to raise funds for the Clifton Area Neighborhood School and The Amazing Race. In 2017, I worked with the City of Cincinnati and DOTE to have a crosswalk installed at the intersection of Glenmary and Brookline. In 2022, I once again reached out to the community to request its support in having a 3 Way Stop installed within that very same intersection. Thanks to the support of CTM and the Transportation/Public Safety Committee and to the efforts of DOTE – the 3 Way Stop has been installed – enabling pedestrians and motorists alike to have a safer experience while traveling through this intersection. Needless to say – I am a doer. I enjoy working with others and helping create a community and neighborhood that is welcoming, inclusive and safe for all. With all this said, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to serve as a Clifton Town Meeting Trustee.

New officers elected by CTM trustees

The CTM board selected the following trustees to serve on the executive committee:

  • Steve Goodin, President
  • Mindi Rich, Vice President 1
  • Nick Gregg, Vice President 2
  • Gerald Checco, Treasurer
  • Barry Gee, Secretary

Existing committees continue, new committees created, chairs selected

After hearing community feedback about the proposed elimination of CTM’s Housing and Zoning Committee as well as its Parks Committee, trustees sustained both.

The Housing and Zoning Committee will continue and those interested in volunteering on the committee should reach out to CTM by emailing the new committee chair, Rachel Wells, at rachel_wells@cliftoncommunity.org.

The Parks Committee will re-evaluate its status following additional outreach to further assess interest in committee participation or, in lieu of a CTM committee, the role of a CTM liaison to the Cincinnati Parks sanctioned Burnet Woods and Mt. Storm/Dunore Park parks advisory committees. If you have an opinion or wish to volunteer to serve on a CTM Parks Committee, email committee chair Rachel Wells at rachel_wells@cliftoncommunity.org.

The CTM Board of Trustees also created several new committees and selected chairs and co-chairs for each new and continuing committee. If you are interested in volunteering with any of the committees, please email contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org.

Public SafetyTim Noonan
Arts & CultureJoyce Rich
Caretaking & BeautificationJayme Ritter (Chair)
Nestor Melnyk, Gerald Checco, Jan Checco (Co-Chairs)
ChronicleJan Checco (Chair)
Leah Kottyan, Mindi Rich (Co-Chairs)
CommunicationFD Harper (Chair)
EventsBarry Gee (Chair)
Leah Kottyan, Jan Checco, Gerald Checco (Co-Chairs)
FinanceGerald Checco (Chair)
Tim Noonan (Co-Chair)
GovernanceNick Gregg
Housing & ZoningRachel Wells
Membership & NominatingTim Noonan
ParksRachel Wells
TransportationJustin Ogilby
Neighborhood Support ProgramGerald Checco
Welcome & ConnectMindi Rich (Chair)
Gerald Checco, FD Harper, Nestor Melnyk (Co-Chairs)
Clifton SoccerMindi Rich
Clifton BoundariesMary Pat Lienhart

New liaisons were also selected:

Organization or InitiativeLiaison
Uptown ConsortiumSteve Goodin
Invest in NeighborhoodsGerald Checco
Clifton Community FundGerald Checco
Clifton Business AssociationJan Checco and Genet Singh
Neighborhoods of UptownRachel Wells
Golf OutingJohn Whedon

A liaison role to TriHealth was eliminated.

CTM Board of Trustees meet in hybrid meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, 2024

The public is welcome to attend. Public input on CTM agenda items will be heard after Trustee discussion is complete.  Community members wishing to address the Board on an agenda item should sign up to speak at least 24 hours before start of the meeting by completing this Google form or with an email request directed to the president at contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org. Individual input on agenda items will last no more than two minutes.

Community members may speak on non-agenda issues during the public questions and concerns period at the end of the meeting. Individuals with statements are asked to sign in before the start of the meeting. Such statements should last not more than two minutes and are invited during the public questions and concerns period. Email your request to speak (specify the topic), or to request an agenda item at the next meeting to contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org.


Join in-person: Clifton Recreation Center, 320 McAlpin Avenue  
Join Remotely: https://meet.google.com/tao-fyqq-sxn

7 p.m.Welcome2023 Pres. Checco
7:01Roll Call, Approval of December Minutes2023 Sec. Gee
7:03Filling a vacant position
Candidate Statement
2023 Sec. Gee
7:07Election of Executive Board Members for 20242023 VP Melnyk
7:12Changes in committees and liaisons – Motion 12024 President
7:17Committee chairs and board liaisons – Motion 22024 President
7:29Treasurer’s Report
Proposed 2024 Budget*
*budget to be approved in February
2024 Treasurer
7:32Dates of 2024 Meetings – Motion 32024 President
7:34Police ReportOfficer Dent
7:44Fire Report
7:49Clifton Recreation Center ReportDirector Fitzpatrick
7:55Clifton Library ReportDirector Strauss de Groote
8NSP (Neighborhood Support Program) DiscussionNSP Coordinator
8:05Health Navigator – MedicaidJanay Howard
8:20Committees Roll Call2024 President
8:30Community Questions and Concerns2024 President
8:36Adjournment2024 President
Next Meeting – Feb. 5, 2024
Motion #SponsorDescription
1PresidentApprove list of Committees and Liaisons for 2024
2PresidentApprove Committee Chairs and Liaisons to various organizations
3PresidentApprove dates of 2024 meeting of CTM board

CTM 2018 Officers, Committee Chairpersons & Liaisons

During CTM’s first Board meeting of the year on Jan 8, Trustees elected the following Officers for the 2018 term:

President – Christine Celsor
Vice President 1 – Pat Borders
Vice President 2 – Joyce Rich
Treasurer – Buddy Goose
Secretary – Kevin Marsh

** Vice President 1 & 2 designations are for order of succession only as per bylaws **

The Board then approved the following CTM Standing and Ad-Hoc Committee Chairpersons as well as Liaison to other organizations.

Committee Chairperson(s)
Beautification Adam Balz
Business District Joyce Rich & Gina Marsh
Clifton Chronicle Ashley Fritz
Website / Social Media Eric Urbas
Membership Kevin Marsh
Housing and Zoning Christine Celsor
Nominating Patrick Borders
Clifton Community LLC Christine Celsor & Buddy Goose
Transportation & Public Safety Mike Schur
Parks Rama Kasturi
Education Vince Metzger
Arts & Culture Sean Mullaney
Ad Hoc Committees
Fundraising Brad Hawse
By-Laws Malcolm Montgomery
Support the CCAC Malcolm Montgomery
Liaison Role Primary Backup
Uptown / NOU Joyce Rich Buddy Goose, Rama Kasturi
Invest In Neighborhoods Buddy Goose
TriHealth Brad Hawse Rama Kasturi
Clifton Community Fund Eric Urbas
CPBA Joyce Rich Gina Marsh, Peter Block
Clifton Market Rama Kasturi
UC Health Rama Kasturi
NSP Approval Committee Shaun McCance Buddy Goose / Joyce Rich.