Bios for CTM Trustee Candidates – 2020

The objective of CTM is to build a Board of Trustees that represents the diversity of Clifton including ethnic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, religious, profession (salaried/hourly), community of origin (lifelong Cliftonites/new to Cincinnati and/or Clifton), etc. so we ensure our decisions are informed by diverse perspectives. We thank our current slate of nominees for stepping … Continue reading Bios for CTM Trustee Candidates – 2020

CTM Bylaws Proposals for 2018

During the August and September 2018 CTM meetings, Trustees reviewed the recommendations of the Bylaws Committee regarding various proposals to update the CTM Bylaws. During the Sept 2018 meeting, Trustees voted unanimously to accept this recommendations and put the proposed seven significant bylaws changes before the membership for a vote during the December 2018 membership … Continue reading CTM Bylaws Proposals for 2018