The cover of the Spring 2023 Clifton Chronicle includes photography by Helen Adams, Chez Chesak, Paolo, Victor Morales, Gerald Checco, Jan Checco, Amanda Checco, Steve Schuckman, Stephen Mergner, Albert Cesare, Pam Resai, Abby Schwartz, Jason Franz, Adam Mysock, Mark Jeffreys, Siona Benjamin, Collin Fitzpatrick, Brad Shepherd, Beth McCarty, JeeEun Lee, Emalene Benson, Brenda Tarbell, Paige Wideman, and Nick Sorrell. The images highlight the arts and culture offerings in Clifton.

The Spring 2023 edition of the Clifton Chronicle, the quarterly newsletter of Clifton Town Meeting, is dedicated to the arts and culture in a neighborhood that’s long been anchored by the Skirball Museum, the Esquire Theatre, and the Ludlow Garage. More recent additions include Off Ludlow Gallery, Vada Gallery, Manifest, Improve Cincinnati and the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Of course, neighborhood businesses and public spaces, including Clifton Plaza, the Burnet Woods bandstand and Mt. Storm, are also the site of regular music, art and theater events.

Find articles on all of these offerings, plus features about the architecture in local parks, a past mayor of Clifton, two Clifton artists from the late 19th century, and a variety of updates from community institutions.

Click here to download the spring 2023 edition of the Clifton Chronicle.