Clifton Town Meeting trustees appointed Nick Gregg and Logan Sand to fill two vacancies on the CTM Board of Trustees during its monthly meeting on Feb. 6, 2023. The vacancies were created when Brendon Cull and Naghma Malik resigned in December 2022. The appointed terms will end in December 2023.

Read on to learn more about your new CTM trustees. Learn about previously elected trustees in this post.

Nick Gregg

Being involved in the Clifton community is something that is very important to me. Serving as a CTM trustee will allow me to do that, and I look forward to helping Clifton continue to evolve and flourish. As a transplant to Clifton, I can offer a unique perspective on issues presented to CTM. Several years ago, I moved to Clifton to live with my now wife. Last year when we were expecting our first child we bought a house down the street from the Clifton business district. We love being able to walk up there and enjoy the restaurants and businesses Clifton has to offer, and I look forward to walking my son to and from CANS when he gets older. Additionally, as an attorney and partner at a local law firm I have a skill set that can be useful to CTM. My experience as an attorney has often put me in situations where I have to advocate for clients and positions in front of courts and juries of my clients’ peers. As a CTM trustee I look forward to advocating for the people of Clifton as vigorously as I do with my clients.

Logan Sand

I consider myself a nontraditional member: a married, 32-year-old, working remotely professional, and a homeowner in the Gaslight. Let’s acknowledge the following: this community is among the most diverse population, demographically and socioeconomically, in all 52 neighborhoods within Cincinnati. The Clifton Town Meeting trustees should reflect this in a new era to drive awareness, leveraging technology, and city partnerships. As you reflect on the history of CTM, as well as look to the future, what do you see? As we consider a broad group of generations and the legacy of this council, I believe that my skill set in strategic partnerships, my extraversion, and my young professional perspective could ignite new beginnings and a stronger bond in this fashion.