Cincinnati Stimulus Funding Survey

We are urging all our residents and business owners to participate in a survey prepared by City Councilmember David Mann’s office so that you can provide your input on Cincinnati Stimulus Funding. $291 million dollars is coming to our City. City Council will decide how these dollars are spent during May and June this year.

Click here to go to the survey.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARP”) was signed by President Joe Biden on March 11, 2021. This program will provide significant stimulus and recovery funding to local governments throughout the United States. Cincinnati is receiving about $291 million which will come in two equal parts.  The first half is expected early in May and the second half a year later.  All funds are required to be spent by the end of 2024.

Detailed guidance for use of this money has not yet been released by the federal government though general parameters are known.

This infusion of funds represents a historic opportunity for our City.  

Clifton Neighborhood Plan

Our neighborhood has begun the process with the City of Cincinnati Department of Planning to create a neighborhood plan. A neighborhood plan is best described as a map of the neighborhood’s future. Acting as a guide, our neighborhood plan will tell current and future community members and decision makers where we were, where we are now, where we want to go, how we intend to get there, and who will help us along the way.

More specifically, the plan:

  • Allows for a platform for dialogue and engagement
  • Creates and confirms neighborhood identity, goals and vision
  • Helps guide policy decisions that impact the neighborhood
  • Helps guide development and investment decisions
  • Used as a tool for community investment projects
  • Demonstrates to City leaders that the neighborhood is united

Below are some frequently asked questions as well as links on how to get involved in the process.

What is in a neighborhood plan?

Each neighborhood’s plan is different – designed to meet the goals of that individual
neighborhood. However, there are certain elements that are commonly addressed. Typically, a neighborhood plan will contain the following components:

  • History of the neighborhood
  • Existing Conditions (past and current demographic and geographic information)
  • Vision statement
  • Goals and objectives (on various focus areas, such as: housing, economic Development/Business Retention, transportation, parks and recreation, public facilities and open space, land use, and health and the environment)
  • Implementation plans

Doesn’t Clifton have a few plans? Why do we need another one?

The last plans specific to Clifton are the Clifton Community Plan (1982) and the
Clifton Neighborhood Business District Urban Design Plan (1978). We need a plan
because a neighborhood plan is usually only relevant for 5-15 years, and our last plan
was from 38 years ago. We need to create a neighborhood-wide plan that showcases
our neighborhood’s vision, goals, and strategies. This plan will ultimately be reviewed
and approved by the City Planning Commission and City Council and recognized
as our official neighborhood plan. You can find copies of past plans (including the Clifton plans) on the City Planning website by clicking here.

Who participates in a neighborhood plan?

Everyone who is interested is invited to participate in the planning process. This includes residents (homeowners and renters), business owners, representatives of community institutions (like churches or schools), organizations in the neighborhood, etc.

How can I sign up for updates, get involved, or share my ideas?

There are many ways for you to get involved, no matter how much or how little time you may have! If you are interested in getting involved, click here to email Joe Brunner, President of Clifton Town Meeting.

Some examples of how to get involved are as follows:

As a Steering Committee Member
The Steering Committee’s main job is to champion the plan and provide guidance from beginning to approval. Steering Committee members will also help lead the working groups. The Steering Committee meets once a month.

As a Working Group Member
Working group members will help provide shape and detail to specific areas of the plan. They will write the goals and strategies for each of the focus areas. Working Groups will meet six to seven times throughout the year.

As a Plan Participant
Participate in plan events, provide feedback on surveys, send your thoughts via email, and follow along during the process. There is no minimum time commitment and you can participate when you are free and interested! Sign up for CTM emails by clicking here to receive future info on this topic and other topics including events and CTM meetings.

Contact James Weaver, City Planner by email or by phone at 513-352-4882 or email Joe Brunner, CTM President or visit the City’s website page by clicking here.

Connecting with Clifton Town Meeting in 2019

Welcome to 2019! We recommend you bookmark this post as below are some key information about Clifton Town Meeting for your use.

Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) has a Board of 15 Trustees. The organization has a set of bylaws that govern its operation and action.

Your Trustees for 2019 are as follows:

Brad Hawse – President
Pat Borders – Vice President 1
Joyce Rich – Vice President 2
Joe Brunner – Secretary
Buddy Goose – Treasurer
Peter Block
Christine Celsor
Brian Duffy
Rama Kasturi
Seth Maney
Gina Marsh
Kevin Marsh
Vince Metzger
Malcolm Montgomery
Peggy Spohr

There are many ways to interact, engage, volunteer, and communicate with CTM.

In person options

We have monthly Board meetings. The schedule is set every January at the first Board meeting of the year. Generally, the meetings are on the first Monday of the month from 7-9pm at the Clifton Recreation Center. Exact dates will be posted on the Clifton Community Calendar website page.

You can speak at these meetings on a specific topic or at the end of the meeting. Community members should sign up to speak on an agenda item before the start of the meeting. Not all agenda items will have time reserved for public input. Individual input on agenda items will be no more than two minutes. Community members are able to speak on non-agenda issues during the public questions and concerns agenda item. Individuals with statements are asked to sign in before the start of the meeting. Statements will be no more than three minutes during the questions and concerns agenda item.

CTM produces or co-sponsors some events each year.

2019 Event Captains (Event – Captain)

  • Memorial Day Parade/Cookout – Buddy Goose
  • Clifton Fest Booth – CTM Business Committee
  • Golf Outing – Eric Urbas
  • Lantern Walk – Vince Metzger
  • Holidays on Ludlow – Brad Hawse

All events are more successful when we have volunteers from the community to participate in planning or on the day of the event.  The Clifton House Tour is held every 3 years on Mother’s Day. Next Tour is 2021. Planning always starts in the year prior to the event.

CTM Committees are always seeking volunteers for specific activities or for longer-term participating in the work of the Committee. Your involvement, be it big or small, is welcome and desired.

Committees and Chairpersons for 2019

  • Committee – Chairperson
  • Beautification – Seth Maney
  • Business District – Joyce Rich & Gina Marsh
  • Chronicle – Vince Metzger
  • Website / Social Media – Brian Duffy
  • Membership – Kevin Marsh
  • Housing and Zoning – Malcolm Montgomery
  • Nominating – Patrick Borders
  • Clifton Community LLC – Brad Hawse & Buddy Goose
  • Transportation / Public Safety – Mike Schur
  • Parks – Rama Kasturi & Seth Maney
  • Education – Vince Metzger
  • Arts & Culture – Sean Mullaney

Ad Hoc Committees

  • Bylaws – Malcolm Montgomery
  • Fundraising – Brad Hawse
  • Save the CCAC – Malcolm Montgomery
  • Walking Routes – Kevin Marsh

Liaison Roles

  • Uptown / NOU – Joyce Rich
  • Invest In Neighborhoods – Buddy Goose
  • TriHealth – Brad Hawse
  • Clifton Community Fund – Joyce Rich
  • CPBA – Joyce Rich
  • UC Health – Rama Kasturi

Some of our Committees hold public engagement / discussion meetings to gather input on specific topics. These are announced in advance by email and put onto social media channels.


Our organization is always seeking the financial support of the community through a variety of membership options. You can start or renew a membership online by clicking here.  We run a more detailed membership drive effort each year as well describing the benefits of being a member. Memberships are for the calendar year and there are never any late fees! CTM is a 501c3 so your membership is considered a charitable contribution. Click here to renew or join as a member of CTM for 2019.

Emails to CTM

CTM has multiple emails that you can use to convey information, concerns, questions, volunteer, etc:
• Our primary email is This email is monitored daily. Your email is forwarded to the most appropriate person or Committee for a response. When in doubt, use this email for all purposes.
• Financial matter to address with our Treasurer, please email
• Matters dealing with Housing & Zoning, you can email the Committee directly at
• Submit an article / photo for the Clifton Chronicle or wish to place an ad, you can email

Emails from CTM

CTM has a subscriber, opt-in, email list that is used to send information & announcements related to Clifton. By signing up to receive these emails, you will enhance your connectedness to the community.  You can unsubscribe at any time. We never sell or share this list, and we do not email you constantly.  You will receive 2-5 emails a month including the monthly CTM meeting agenda. You can opt-in by clicking here.

Clifton Community Website

CTM maintains the Clifton Community website. This website contains a variety of news, calendar, public safety links, prior CTM meeting minutes, Clifton Chronicle issues, links to institutions & businesses in Clifton, and much more. There are links on the website to submit questions / concerns directly to CTM.

The Clifton Community Calendar has a moderated submission link that you can use to create entries for community events on the calendar.

Social Media

CTM operates various social media accounts:

• Facebook page –
• Twitter account – @cliftontownmeet
• NextDoor Clifton account –

Social media “likes”, shares & retweets do not imply Board positions or agreement. We like to promote Clifton related events for the good of the community.

Postal Mail

We accept mail at PO Box 20042, Cincinnati, OH 45220. This is the slowest way to contact us.

Thank you. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) is your neighborhood community council and serves all of the residents and businesses in the Clifton neighborhood. CTM hosts numerous events throughout the year with the hope of connecting businesses with their local customers, bringing together residents for family fun and celebration, and to provide opportunities to explore our neighborhood’s culture and history in new ways.

We are looking for community partners to help us to fulfill these goals. Financial partners are needed to assure that our community events are able to continue and to be successful. We would love to discuss ways to give our presenting sponsors access to our attendees in fun and engaging ways. We just can’t do it without Clifton community partners like you!

If you are interested in connecting with us and sponsoring one of our events or beautification efforts, we would love to talk more. For more information, please contact Brad Hawse by clicking here for email or call him at at 513-55one-3nine00.

Lantern Walk: November 11, 2017
Holiday’s on Ludlow: December 2, 2017
Flower Pots on Ludlow: Throughout Spring, Summer and Fall
Memorial Day Parade and Cookout: May 28, 2018

Presenting Level Sponsors will be included on all digital, social media and paper marketing materials, will be mentioned during any news or media coverage, and receive a Clifton Community Partner framed certificate to show your customers your support for our community.
Community Level Sponsors will receive recognition on digital marketing and social media materials and receive a Clifton Community Partner Certificate to show your customers your support for our community.

Memorial Day Parade and Cookout

Over 150 participants in the annual parade and cookout. This tradition celebrates the Memorial Day holiday with a parade, picnic in Mt. Storm Park with Hotdogs, Hamburgers and entertainment. It serves as a great Kick-off to summer in Clifton and a great sponsorship opportunity!
Presenting Level Sponsor: $500
Community Level Sponsor: $100

17th Annual – Clifton Lantern Walk

Inspired by the old German story that children carried lanterns on a very dark night as they searched for and found Saint Martin’s lost donkey, this great event partners with the Fairview German Language Elementary School.
Presenting Level Sponsor: $250
Community Level Sponsor: $100

Holidays on Ludlow

A yearly Tradition on Ludlow Avenue! Hundreds of residents and visitors from around Cincinnati come to Clifton to Kick-off the Holiday Season with Carriage Rides, Carolers and other Holiday Music, Hot Cocoa and Holiday Light Displays.
Presenting Level Sponsor: $1000
Community Level Sponsor: $100

Flower Pot Sponsor

These flower pots placed throughout Ludlow Avenue add to the vibrancy of our business district. They are watered each week and receive 3 plantings per year. Help us keep Ludlow Beautiful!
Sponsor: $200