Clifton Town Meeting (CTM) is your local community council.  CTM advocates on behalf of the Clifton community, and your membership entitles you to vote on issues that directly affect our neighborhood.  

Some issues that CTM has recently promoted include:

  • Installing a traffic signal and crosswalk on Brookline and Ludlow (at the new library and Burnet Woods entrance)
  • Establishment of a new neighborhood school (Clifton Area Neighborhood School)
  • Putting a new full-service grocery store on Ludlow Avenue (Clifton Market)
  • Improvements in pedestrian safety
  • Increased bicycling infrastructure
  • Opening an art gallery on Ormond Ave – the Off Ludlow Gallery
  • Restoration of the Probasco Fountain on Clifton Avenue

CTM also sponsors a variety of activities and festivals throughout the year to enrich our community experience.  These include the annual Memorial Day Parade & Cookout, Lantern Walk, CliftonFest, Holidays on Ludlow, and our ever popular triennial house tour. We also fund beautification projects such as the flower pots & holiday decorations on Ludlow Avenue; provide communications including the community email list, Clifton Community website and the Clifton Chronicle; and partner with the Clifton Business and Professional Association (CBPA) to operate the Clifton Plaza.

To provide this important community work, we need your generous support. Membership dues and contributions are tax-deductible and make up the second largest source of income for Clifton Town Meeting (the house tour is our main fundraiser). Starting or renewing your membership will help us keep Clifton a vibrant, desirable, and fun place to live, work, and play.  Memberships received now are good through December 31, 2019.

Click here to submit your application online.  If you prefer to mail in your application, you may use this Membership Form. (Eligibility is open to all neighborhood residents, neighborhood property owners, and operators of neighborhood businesses, age 18 years or older).  And please join us for our monthly CTM Board meetings held at the Clifton Recreation Center.

Thank you for your support!

CTM Membership Committee

P.S.  If you have recently renewed, please disregard this reminder and THANK YOU for your support!

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