During the June 2019 CTM meeting, Trustees voted to ask the City to implement a trial to remove the rush hour parking restrictions on Ludlow Avenue. The full details of the motion are below. The focus of this effort is to improve pedestrian safety. The Northside neighborhood successfully completed a similar trial in their neighborhood recently. While we don’t know the outcome of this trial, we are hopeful it will illuminate ways to improve pedestrian safety.

Trustees agreed to hold public engagement sessions as part of this trial to ensure plenty of input is obtained. Please watch for emailed announcements of these engagements. If you are not a subscriber, please click here to do so.

WCPO published an article recently regarding this effort. Click here to read it.

In a related matter, CTM also voted to explore a trial of bump outs on Ludlow Avenue through the CTM Business Committee. These also have the potential to improve pedestrian safety.

Motion for Rush Hour Parking

Clifton Town Meeting respectfully requests that the City plan and implement a trial for a period lasting not less than 3 months, but not greater than 6 months, with the exact dates to be determined in coordination with the City Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) with the following parameters:

  1. Remove all (AM & PM) rush-hour parking restrictions on Ludlow Av between Cornell Pl and Brookline Av
  2. Prior to implementation of the trial, CTM requests DOTE either confirm the existence of or DOTE gather the appropriate data to ensure a “before change” data set exists.
  3. DOTE assist in evaluating the impact of the trial on safety, traffic, and business; and in determining the advisability of making permanent changes and/or conducting further trials.
  4. The CTM Transportation & Public Safety Committee will be the lead group of CTM on this effort and will make monthly progress reports to the CTM Board along with updates as needed between monthly reports. The Committee will advise the Board of all meetings in advance in case other Trustees want to attend to learn more details of what is happening.
  5. The noted CTM Committee will hold public engagement sessions in a variety of methods before, during, and after the trial. Methods shall include but are not limited to, single topic public in-person meetings & online surveys. The Committee will work closely with DOTE on these engagement methods to ensure appropriate information/data is gathered. The Committee will work with a professional to ensure any survey is unbiased and fit for purpose. Engagement will not delay the implementation of the trial.
  6. No monies will be spent by CTM on this matter without a future vote of the Board of Trustees.
  7. A letter summarizing the trial request will be sent to DOTE on or before June 15 by the CTM President or his designee.