CTM will hold Trustee elections on Monday, December 6 from 6-7pm. All CTM members are eligible to vote – if you haven’t joined or renewed your membership yet you can do so at this link by clicking here. There will be two options to vote on December 6 between 6-7pm:

Option 1: Anyone who joined or renewed and provided a valid email address by this Friday, December 4th at 5:00 pm will be eligible to vote online by using a secure link sent to your email. The email will be sent on Dec 6 at 6pm. Please note that if you have a household membership with two votes but only provided one email address, you can only cast one vote electronically. Please come to vote in-person to cast your other vote.

Option 2: In-person voting will also be available at the Fairview-Clifton German Language School parking lot. Walk up or drive up. You can make your membership current there as well.

Click here to read about the candidates in the 2021 Winter Edition of the Clifton Chronicle.

After the election, please join CTM’s annual membership meeting from 7:00 to 9:00pm to hear the election results. CTM members can also vote on proposed Bylaws amendments. Click here to read about the proposed Bylaws amendments.

December 6, 2021, 7:00pm.  Google Meet Videoconference.

After the election we will have our December meeting. Due to the ongoing public health situation CTM will continue to hold its meetings via video and telephone conference. To join the videoconference click on the following link – http://meet.google.com/aaz-pnjp-xma. To join via phone, dial (657) 215-8396 and use the following PIN – 251 725 539#.

7:00 / 1 minWelcome to the Google Meet electronic meeting, advice for participation
7:01 / 1 minApprove prior month’s meeting minutes
7:02 / 8 minPolice Report
7:10 / 10 minTreasurer’s Report – advice for creation of a partitioned bank account for Chronicle funds (as was established for OLG in 2020), discussion and vote.
7:20 / 10 minOLG’s need for a defined process for seeking grants for projects, being in need of CTM authorization; an MOU to be presented about how committees can seek grants, discussion and vote
7:30 / 20 minBylaws Amendments; Presentation, discussion and vote
7:50 / 10  minMembership duration: Ideal is activation for a full 12 months from date of purchase, inclusive of the right to vote at the annual Members meeting in the period of validity. Expiration dates to be signaled to those concerned with a renewal prompt issued quarterly by a Membership Committee list manager.  Discussion and vote.
8:00 / 10 minTrustee Election and Bylaws Amendment Vote Results
8:10 / 10 minTrustee, Committee, Liaisons Announcements
8:20 / 10 minCommunity Questions/Concerns

Thank you very much, Clifton Town Meeting Trustees.

Emailing your issue to contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org is another effective way to have your issue or opinion considered by your trustees.  To request an agenda item for the next meeting please email your topic to contactctm@cliftoncommunity.org

Please note that public input on agenda items of pressing community concern will be heard after trustee discussion.  Community members should sign up to speak on an agenda item before the start of the meeting.  Not all agenda items will have time reserved for public input. Individual input on agenda items will be no more than two minutes.  Community members are able to speak on non-agenda issues during the public questions and concerns agenda item.  Individuals with statements are asked to sign in before the start of the meeting.  Statements will be no more than three minutes during the questions and concerns agenda item.